Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Facebook Friend Said:

"I can't believe I just met Nick Cave in the flesh!"

My question: Whose flesh?



bastard central said...

hrm. i usually like to meat celebrities in my flesh suit that i've made from sewing my victims together


Melissa Joy said...

nick cave and obama...the 2 famous people I'd freak out over meetin

Rob S. said...

I'd have to throw Tom Waits and Alan Moore into that mix, too. And I'd love to hoist a few with Joe Jackson or the Coen Brothers, too. And it's a pity Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut are gone.

Melissa Joy said...

Remond me to invite you to the casino sundae show, I think I did on the ole facebook.

Dave said...

I met Nick Cave at a Foetus concert at Limelight in NYC back in the 90s.

He's very tall.

I didn't say anything because, well... nothing seemed good enough at the time.

I did convince Thirlwell to sign a couple things, though... he was my idol for a time.