Friday, July 17, 2009

I, Twit.

So a year ago, maybe two -- right when Twitter started, whenever that was, I can tell ya that -- I signed up for a Twitter account. And then never did one damn thing with it.

I just let it sit there.


But today, I was curious about a hashmark on a friend's tweet, so I went onto the twitter page and tried to log in with my user name and a possible password I might have chosen back in the day. And whaddya know, I'm on!

In my excitement I actually tweeted: "Holy shit I have a Twitter account!"

It was then that I remembered that there was a feed of all the people who are cursing on Twitter, and I could watch my inaugural swearing scroll up the page along with the words of my filthy-mouthed brethren.

But I couldn't remember the url of the curse word feed, and a quick search didn't turn it up, either.

Sigh. Fuck that, then.



christianready said...

So what's your Twitter account name? I'm @christianready

SNeelyArt said...

Forget Twitter. It will be gone in a few years. Facebook is the future. Ben Mezrich wrote a new book about the phenom and how it will ellipse both MySpace and Twitter in the future. Possibly even seeing Facebook absorb Twitter. He had a great interview on Opie and Anthony this week!

Dave said...

Facebook will ... MyTwit?

Sharon GR said...

i have a twitter acct, largely because of a professor I had who really liked twitter. I just can't get that into it, because I still want to leave my online life for long stretches and pay close attention to my real life.

Rob S. said...

My Twitter account name is robstaeger, by the way. Haven't posted anything else there yet, but I might use it to follow comicon news this weekend.