Sunday, November 28, 2010

With Nets of Wonder

Not everything gets preserved. You won't hear a song like Bob Lind's "Elusive Butterfly" in a movie about the Sixties... but it was there, lazing wistfully in the radio speakers in the months before the Summer of Love.

It's a song that didn't get enshrined in our collective pop culture memory, and yet somehow it persists. I heard it on an oldies radio station today, and it blew my mind. Across my dream, with nets of wonder, I chase the bright, elusive butterfly of love. 

Even more elusive? The butterfly of subtlety. Some things do not age well.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Look! Up in the Sky!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Sad News This Morning

My godmother passed away this morning. She'd been sick for a little while, or rather, sick for probably a long while and mercifully only felt its effects in the last couple months. Death is where we find out that things can be better than the alternative and still suck by any measure.

Anyway, late in the 1960s my parents chose their friends Doris and Bob to be my godparents, and they couldn't have chosen better. Aunt Doris was smart -- so smart -- and loved literature, and loved to read. She was outspoken and sardonic, and always knew which drum she was dancing to. Uncle Bob has always been a man of good humor and warmth (and impeccable facial hair), more softspoken than Doris but always knowing just how to get her ear. A great couple, who have raised three incredible daughters.

Between my parents and Aunt Doris & Uncle Bob, I couldn't have asked for better examples of how to be a grown-up.

Rest in peace, Aunt Doris. We miss you.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Last Two Weeks In Weight

Two weeks ago I stopped by for a meeting at my cult, and learned that after my 4 pound drop the week before, I'd loaded up 2.6 pounds back. Of course, I'd gone for barbecue for lunch that day, so I knew there'd be some consequences. But 2.6 pounds seemed like an awful lot. To help you visualize, it's like this hatchet.

Anyway, the number depressed me.And I can't say I had a particularly diligent week because of it.

But this week, there was no barbecue for lunch. (Actually, there was just a late breakfast, no lunch at all.) I didn't do any outrageous cheating, and, I think, it was well within my bonus point limit. And it was also over and done with by Saturday, giving me a few days to get back on track before the weekend. And the result?

4 more pounds, baby! That's a net loss of 1.4 pounds over the past two weeks, and 7.2 pounds, total. This calls for a button accordion solo. (This one sells for more than $1,700!)

So long story short, here's my continuing progress on the treasure trail to trim. (Okay, that sounds wrong.)


Friday, November 12, 2010

But It's Just So Hard to Care, Every Time I Do That Thing I Do

A couple weeks have gone by, and have I done the thing I do about which you do not care? Oh yes, my friend. Twice.

A look at DC's digital releases for November 3 and the deluge of November 10.


Friday, November 05, 2010

A Big Week for Getting Smaller

When I weighed in on Tuesday, I was feeling pretty confident, and rightfully so. Turns out I had lost 4 pounds – the same weight as this kid's bass.

So that brings me nearly 6 pounds into my 42 by 42 project, which is might good progress. Having been down this road before, I know I’m unlikely to see this kind of dramatic loss again. But this week really showed me what a difference a day makes. Last week I was just as careful as this week, with one exception – a party where I ate a bunch of little meatball sandwiches, drank a lot of beer (and some rum) and had plenty of chocolate peanut butter monster eyeballs and pannacotta brain in cranberry sauce. Plus chips and dip, and some candy, mostly Nerds and SweetTarts. A bad, bad day for getting things done metabolically – though a terrific night, overall.

But it’s a good reminder that I can’t just step off this thing if I’m at a party.

It was a good week for the other aspects of the plan, too. Only two meals with beef this week, and (I think) only one with pork. Plus, we went to the Indian restaurant near us and each ordered a vegetarian dish, and with the leftovers, that made two meatless meals for the week. And they were delicious, if a little too similar in look so that we kept mixing up which was which.

Anyway, here’s my progress so far, as the lightning bolt lurches closer to the treasure chest.