Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Deal or No Deal

I just picked up an item that could add a little zest (okay, gore) to our regular D&D campaign: a deck of critical hits. Every time you score a crit, draw a card to see what the effect is. Since the effects would be more serious on the players (who have to deal with them the entire game, or until healed) than the (disposable) monsters, I'm thinking about only having the major baddies get to draw (but allowing other monsters to use the cards if they spend a feat on the ability, something I'm not very likely to have them do).

The cards are broken down by weapon type. Here's what one says:

Bludgeoning: SKULL CRUSH. Double Damage and 2d6 Int drain (Fort half).

Piercing: HAND WOUND. Normal damage and 1d2 Dex damage. -4 penalty on all rolls using that hand until healed.

Slashing: BROAD SWIPE. Normal damage and 1d8 bleed.

Magic: LINGERING MAGIC. Normal damage this round and then half damage each round for 1d4 rounds.

I'm a little unclear on how to score a critical hit with a spell. I guess it's possible with a ray or touch attack, but otherwise, I dunno. Maybe when someone critically fails a save?

Anyway. I write a LOT about comics, but I can't help but feel that this has been my geekiest post of the year. Yeah, I'm getting a much bigger geek vibe writing about critical hits than when I write aboutthe Legion.



Sharon GR said...

That sounds wicked cool.

Andrew said...

Until your the the one taking 2d6 INT DRAIN!

Andrew said...

And I know - it should be "you're" and not "your" in my last comment.

Rob S. said...

Well, 2d6 INT drain will do that to ya.

And believe me, you guys'll be inflicting this stuff far more often than the forces of evil.