Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Moment of No Zooming

So my newest nephew, Hardball, just got baptized yesterday. Right before the ceremony, my brother handed my his digital video camera and asked me to film. The priest came out, noticed I was filming and my other brothers had cameras, and said it was okay to us to move around if we needed a better shot of anything. But I have to admit, I felt kind of rude, filming during the event, when as a good uncle, I should have just been Paying Attention. I mean, I was doing both, but it felt kind of odd to have a job to do.

Especially when we got to the Our Father portion of the ceremony. We start praying and reciting the words (me very softly so as not to overpower the mic), and I start zooming in toward the Guest of Honor. And then, suddenly, I had to stop. What am I doing, I'm zooming during the Lord's Prayer.

It seemed like a no-zoom moment.

(It would probably be totally fine to cut to a montage of mobsters getting whacked, though.)



Travis said...

Don't worry about it, Rob. I used to be an altar boy, and you should have seen all of the screwing around we did up there. I figure God forgave us, and He understands the importance to your family of the moment.

Lumbering Jack said...

It's weird when you suddenly feel like your intruding when you're using a camera.