Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I've been push polled!

I was gonna vote for Corzine for gov, and I'm still planning to, but I just got a call that started out as a regular poll, but then became an excuse to list a bunch of unpleasant things about Chris Christie. (They didn't mention his 2002 ticketless accident for driving the wrong way down a one-way street, where he was not only not charged, but given a lift to his office as U.S. Attorney, but that's possibly because in the middle of the list, I said "If you're gonna ask about the traffic accident thing, I'm strongly opposed to that too.") From what I could tell, they're all true, and most of them were about policy issues, but I had the distinct impression that my answers weren't nearly as important to them as my listening to their questions.

There's not a chance I'd vote for Christie anyway, but I can't say this is a tactic I'm fond of.



Rob said...

Daggett all the way, man.....

Andy said...

I don't think that you were push polled from what you are saying.

It sounds like this was a baseline poll and they were testing negatives to use in the campaign.

It is VERY common to ask about negatives in a legit poll.

BTW push polling is a stupid tactic.

Rob S. said...

Meant to respond when you first commented, Andy. Thanks for setting me straight on this. Testing negatives sounds totally plausible to me, and would fit the questions they asked.