Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Lamb By Any Other Name Would Still Lie Down On Broadway

Kathy & I were in the city last night, and were looking around for things to do, and music to see. (We wound up going to Brooklyn and seeing The Growlers, a spooky-cool California band that sounds like a living breathing Lost Boys soundtrack.) But somewhere in the music listings was an all-woman klezmer band called Isle of Klezbos. Which is a legitimately great name.

It also reminded me of Lez Zepplin, an all-girl Zepplin cover band the Bastard told me about the other day. (Another great name. Other all-female cover bands include AC/DShe, Iron Maidens, and Cheap Chick.)

And it got me to thinking. If I were to start an all-woman cover band (quite a feat, considering I have neither the talent nor equipment for it), I'd be thanking my lucky stars this name isn't taken yet: Vagenesis.

If anyone wants it, it's free for the taking. 



Figserello said...

"The Growlers" is also a great name for an all-girl band.

At least, down my way...

Dave said...


New York City newcomers GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, the world's first and only all-girl MÖTLEY CRÜE tribute band, will headline this eagerly awaited festival. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS broke onto the music scene in April of this year (after forming in February '07) and has been electrifying audiences with their total command of this head-banging music. The band is quickly building a dedicated and frenzied following, headlining in tri-state clubs and picking up new fans daily on the Internet. See www.myspace.com/girlsgirlsgirlsnyc.

dagwan said...

Areola Speedwagon.

Chris A. said...

The Birds!