Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Third Branch, Once Removed

I was reading an article about the Supreme Court (or SCOTUS, for Supreme Court of the United States), and realized that we really need a second, slightly lesser court to pitch in when there's a pressing issue and the Supremes are out of session. Like the Legion of Substitute Heroes. It could be called the Supreme Court Reserve. Or SCROTUS, for short.

Yes, it's pathetic that I've come back from hiatus just to share that with you. You should have a long, hard think about raising your standards.



Andy said...

Pennsylvania has Senior Judges. They are retired judges assigned by the PA Supreme Court to help with case load in other courts

Rob S. said...

Thanks, Andy -- that's interesting to know... and I'd never have found out if I hadn't made a dick joke.

Dick jokes: the foundation of learning.

Andy said...

Must admit, missed SCROTUS for what it was.

Rob S. said...

Maybe I was being too subtle. I thought about throwing a teabagger joke in there, too, but thought it might be too on-the-nose. (So to speak.)