Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Write These Down So I Can Read Them Years Later and Blow My Mind

A brief description of a dream that I had the other night. I was down in Delaware, for a combination book fair and theater festival. Friends of mine from my college theater group were there -- Sharon, Bill, Karen, and Sharon's husband, Drew -- and we were all staying in various dorms. I was in a room with a cot squeezed between two twin beds, but I don't know who my roommates were.

Anyway, because this was Delaware, everyone spoke French. And I kept on having to go to the Delaware embassy to get my passport, because I had forgotten it, and just had an old, photocopied ID. I wouldn't be able to get back into New Jersey with that! So every day, I would float down to the embassy and ask if my passport had arrived.

That's right: because I didn't have my passport, I could fly. My understanding is, once I got my passport, I'd have to walk around like everyone else. But as it was, I was learning to fly, more of a floaty bobbing in air than anything directed, often overshooting the balcony I was trying to land on and setting down on the one above or below. And then having to use the stairs.

So I get back from my trip to the embassy, and float into my room, and everyone is there, having beers because it's 11am and I just missed the last performance of their play. So we had a little cast party in my borrowed dorm.

I don't have the slightest idea what any of this means, particularly since we were speaking French. When in Delaware, after all...

ETA: Photo copyright John Neel.


Sharon GR said...

Que faisiez-vous de boire avant d'aller au lit? Et comment était la foire du livre?

Rob S. said...

Juste quelques bières... long avant le lit, en fait. Et le salon du livre a été encombré et plein d'activité. J'étais content que je pourrais voler.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,
I came across your piece and picture yesterday. I am interested in using the picture of the floating man for an artwork. Do you have the credits for it?
Thank you,

Rob S. said...

Hi Sara,

I wish I did; I just stole it off the internet, unscrupulous blogger-style.

IIRC, "floating" was one of the search terms I used on google images. But beyond that, I'm sorry I'm no help.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

found it, thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that's my father in the photo. He was falling backwards into the pool when that was snapped by my mother. They were divorsed shortly thereafter cause she accused him of intentionally splashing her when he fell into the pool. Can you believe this stuff?

Rob S. said...

I can't. But keep 'em coming.