Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Think I've Just Been Offered a Job as a Drug Mule

Just got this unsolicited e-mail this morning, from an address that registered as both a man's name (Warren C.) and a female's (Rhoda V.):

Our corporation is pleased to offer you a position.
Postal Agent will receive correspondence, sort it out and send the list of incoming correspondence to our office.
Minimum qualifications of employees consist of :
- Location: USA, all states- Ability to lift packages weighing up to 15 lbs.
- Check your e-mail box regularly for new tasks- Fulfill tasks given by the organization- Prepare reports for the organization
If you are interested, please reply to: [E-MAIL ADDRESS REDACTED]
Have a happy day.

Moving 15-pound packages? Location USA? Fulfilling tasks for the organization? Checking my e-mail for new tasks? Filing reports? That sounds exactly like what I want to do... if it sounded like anything at all.

Seriously, what the hell?



Anonymous said...

I received a similar e-mail yesterday. This is almost certainly a forwarding scam.
When scammers/thieves use stolen credit cards to make online purchases, they need an address to send it to. If you agree to take this "job" you'll start receiving packages at your home and be told to forward them to a "corporate address" or something similar. Later, when the credit card companies and banks start investigating the fraud, guess who's address they'll see everything shipped to? Don't become accessory to fraud!

Rob S. said...

Yeah, that certainly sounds plausible -- and it's definitely a scam, I've no doubt about that.

Thanks for the insight into the nuts and bolts of how these things work!

Anonymous said...

It gets worse. They also claim to be selling giant teddy bears for $99 that girls go wild over. They've even got a 2 minute video add that shows girls that want to sleep with the bear instead of you. It's the first step down that slippry slope to furries. Friends don't let friends do that! Next thing you know, you'll come home to find a bear's head in your bed!