Thursday, June 02, 2005

One Caveat Before the Exception

Okay, the folks at Human Events called the books "harmful" instead of "dangerous." And I suppose a case could be made that the books can be judged harmful by the way they were used in history, rather than by the danger they inherently possess. So if you want to make that case, by all means, go ahead -- I'm receptive to it. But for now, I've got to write about the exception.


(and yes, I realize you're probably reading this backward. Damn you, laws of time and space!)


Jeri said...

The only thing I can see as harmful about Origin of Species is that it gave rise to Social Darwinism. But I'm sure that's not what they're talking about.

But Silent Spring and Unsafe at Any Speed? Harmful? How Orwellian. It's harmful to bring to light unsafe corporate practices that are killing people and wildlife? That's so fucked up it makes my head explode. Those people should swig some DDT and take a short ride into a brick wall in a Ford Pinto. Now THAT would be a boon to evolution.

Jeri said...

Then again, Unsafe at Any Speed did propel Ralph Nader into the spotlight, eventually resulting in the election of GWB. Wow, life is like a game of Chrononauts.