Monday, August 06, 2007

Light Up the Night

I don't link to him nearly as much as I should, but I got an email from my friend John Welsh last week about a new project he's working on. He's documenting fire artists -- from the looks of it, dancers, twirlers, fire-eaters and such. He shot these in a warehouse in the Philadelphia area; the building was completely black except for the light of the fire. John was constantly adjusting his shutter speed and, I'm sure, doing a lot of other photographer-type things at ridiculously high speed to get these shots.

Here they are; you'll dig 'em. Because if Beavis and Butthead have taught us anything (and they have), it's that fire is cool (heh heh, yeah).


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Greg! said...

I saw John last week; be came to shoot coverage of PLTC's teen summer stage workshop. He was telling me about this upcoming fire thing he was going to shoot in a big empty warehouse; he sounded pretty jonesed about the idea.

Sho 'nuf, it looks as cool as it sounded.