Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Eleventh Thing

There's a maxim that my friends on the Captain Comics message boards tend to follow: "In comics, you have to believe ten impossible things before you crack open the cover. But sometimes, that eleventh impossible thing is just too much to swallow." Sure, a man can fly, and heat things up with his eyes. Sure, it makes perfect sense to get into a fistfight wearing a cape. But in some stories, there's just one thing that's just so ludicrous that the whole thing collapses.

Sometimes it's an idea that's ridiculous on its face (say, the reason no one recognizes Superman as Clark Kent is that he has been subconsciously hypnotizing anyone he's ever come in contact with as he looks through the Kryptonian lenses of his glasses). Other times, it's a failure of a comic to accurately reflect the real world (such as, say, any scene that takes place in a courtroom, newsroom or doctor's office).

Anyway, my point today is, the same thing goes for Lost. I can believe Desmond has visions of the future. I can believe all these people crossed paths without realizing it for years before the crash. I can even believe an island can be moved through time and space by turning a giant wheel.

But you can't tell me this man is not wearing eyeliner.

And yet, that's apparently what the producers of Lost would have us believe:

"When we first saw dailies of Nestor, we said, "We gotta talk to him about the eyeliner situation," Lindelof said. "But he is completely sans makeup."
Come on. Four-toed people? I'm down with that. But if what Lindelof is saying is true, it can only mean one thing: Nestor Carbonell is descended from a scientifically advanced race of human-raccoon hybrids. It's easier to believe he's immortal.



Tim said...

I thought so, too, back when he was in "Cane," but everything I've read about him says no.

rrlane said...

Leave BatManuel alone!

Rob S. said...

Hey, he's the mayor of Gotham City, mascara capitol of the world.

Travis said...

Maybe its a tattoo. A young lady I know had that done.

Kelson said...

I don't have the link anymore, but he told the Los Angeles Times that he just has really dark eyelashes.

Rob S. said...

I *am* just kidding with this, by the way. I know he's actually half-raccoon.

Travis said...

Well of course you know that, Rob. It is common knowledge after all.