Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watching, Waiting

Now, there are times I think of the Watchmen movie with something like unbridled fanboy glee. I've seen trailers that looked stunning and extremely faithful to Gibbons' character designs. There's a lot to hope for with this movie, and almost everything I've seen has kept my hopes high.

But every now and then I see a movie still that reminds me: High hopes or not, there's still a decent chance it could be crap.

This is one of those stills.



Sharon GR said...

I officially lost hope when I found out that they changed the ending substantially. Disappointed was I, and now am wondering in what else will I be disappointed.

However, there was precious little chance I was going to see it in the theatre anyway. Besides the cost (+ babysitter!), I just read the book. And I've learned my lesson- never, never, finish the book and then immediately see the movie. Have some distance or you'll be wicked disappointed in the movie no matter what.

Will wait for DVD. Well, first will wait for REVIEWS, then will wait for DVD.

Greg! said...

I'm just really afraid. From much of what I've seen, I fear the movie is faithful to all the wrong things only to miss the point.