Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weirdest, Weirder, Weird.

A few lazy links, in the order of most to least bizarre:

A few days ago, Mike Huckabee issued a meter-challenged poem calling for Nancy Pelosi to step down as Speaker of the House. Yes, a poem. Rhythm is, apparently, optional.

The blog Unlikely Words has compiled a list of everything Tracy Jordan said in every episode of this season of 30 Rock: “I’m saying the Disneyfication of New York is over, everyone. At the stroke of midnight, your Lexus is going to turn back into a hot pile of rats fighting over a human finger.”

And finally, less weird than either of them: A giant tiki stomping on the Metal Men. I've never really been crazy about DC's Metal Men, but I am a sucker for giant tikis.



Greg! said...

I just jumped over and read that Mike Huckabee poem-thing. Sweet wounded Jesus. I don't know... seriously -- I don't know where to begin...

Jeff said...

Can't wait for this!