Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the Abyss

Do not gaze too long at SecretTweet, for it gazes also into you:

40889 I saw my son's 3rd grade teacher dancing at a strip club last week; we now exchange the biggest smiles at after-school pick-up.

40718 Motherhood is nothing like I expected. I feel so guilty about hating it.

40568 I'm a model in a BBW site. I seem very passionate about my work, but all I want is to be skinny.

40302 Her partner had a vasectomy and to spare her feelings I said I thought it was for the best. She would have been a great mum.

39999 she cheats on you all the time and tells me. im in love with you and could treat you so much better.

39970 The house is so quiet. I'm working,kids are at school,wife has passed out drunk again. It won't be quiet when she comes round.

39737 I didn't get to say goodbye to my father because I was high the day he passed. I haven't been high since. I'm sorry Papa.

39738 I'm a surgeon and today a little girl died on my table. I cried in my office after and wished that I was God.

39426 For four weeks, I've been sending anonymous flower bouquets to my wife at work, because I love her. She hasn't said a thing about it.

39271 Today, there was a giant dead ant in the cheese sauce I was making. I fished it out and served the sauce to guests.
And more and more and more... tiny heartbreaks, 140 characters at a time.



melissa joy said...


Greg! said...

Those are wonderful,
like accidental haiku,
all anonymous.

Makes me think of flash fiction, that form of hyper-short short stories -- e.g. from Ernest Hemmingway: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

And dare I even wonder, what exactly is a BBW site?

Rob S. said...

It made me think of those baby shoes, too -- possibly the saddest six words in the English language.

And BBW stands for "Big, Beautiful Women," or something along those lines.

ScottN01 said...

I have to say it. Twitter is one of the most useless things on the Internet. I've seen pages from people on a Twitter blog and they are completely crap. Do I really need to know what someone had for breakfast or that they just took a shit in the toilet and the turd is in the shape of a W??? I think not...

And that's why I don't tweet... you can rot your brain reading these lame comments and hopefully this fad will be over soon and it will go out to pasture like Myspace.

People are real attention whores! By the way, check out! :)

Rob S. said...

I know what you mean, man -- I don't see the appeal of Twitter either... especially as I've seen so many people put their foot in their mouths in an effort to get a nice zing in.

That said, if I could take a shit in the shape of a W, I would view it as my responsibility to inform the world.

Doesn't everybody want a B.M. W?

Jeff said...

Oh jeez. Did you ever read that Sandman: Endless Nights? It reminds me of some of the stories about Despair.

Rob S. said...

Yikes... yeah, it kinda does...