Sunday, October 04, 2009


I saw a sweet country girl reveal her biker-chick side, and a donut-munching cop turn into a crook. A woman turned into an angel, and girls defied gravity. I learned there's more than one way to make lemonade. And I saw Goldfinger, which isn't something you soon forget.

The New York Burlesque Festival's Saturday Spectacular was eye-popping, jaw-dropping fun.. and a hell of a way to turn almost forty. Thanks to my pals, and my glorious wife, for coming out and having this kind of a crazy good time with me. And thanks to everyone involved in making this amazing show happen!



Geoff said...

Sorry I had to miss it! I'm glad you managed to... is 'burlesque' a verb?

Sharon GR said...

It was awesome! (Goldfinger is kind of burned into my brain, too.)

Dave said...

Was it Milton Berle-esque?

tim m said...

Happy birthday! I have a friend who runs a costume shop and helps out with a burlesque show occasionally, so I've seen a few - it's always a good time.
Plus, Goldfinger is a pretty good band - I think they have a song called "Here In Your Bedroom".