Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stop Your Parents' Car...I Just Saw a Shooting Star

One of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, was on one of my favorite talk shows the other night. They performed "Laundry Room," and did a real nice job of it, I think.

So give it a listen, while I ponder why a newly 40-year-old dude responds so strongly to a song so young.

I am a breathing time machine.


tim m said...

Good song. They sound familiar - I'll have to look for more stuff from them.
Speaking of shooting stars, I saw Billy Bragg this week, so I've got his song "New England" stuck in my head ("... but they were only satellites / It's wrong to wish on space hardware ...").

Jeff said...

A friend sent me a bunch of digital files of this group awhile back, and I made the comment then that "These guys are so good, and that's half the reason they won't make it big--no one has an appreciation for quality anymore."

I'm glad I was wrong!