Friday, January 08, 2010


When we were in Trenton yesterday, there was a preacher from Philadelphia who was brandishing a handwritten sign that said "No Gay Marriage. -- God"

I'm no handwriting analyst, but I'm willing to bet that it was written in the preacher's own handwriting, not God's. If it were so important to God to stop equal marriage, he'd pick up a friggin' sharpie Himself, y'think?

Nice forgery, dude. Next time, sign it "Epstein's Mother."



Greg! said...

I suspect the preacher may have been Michael Marcavage. He's been tormenting people for a while now.

Rob S. said...

Nope, he's someone else. You can see him and his sign on the Daily Show segment I just posted.

Greg! said...

Yup, just watched the Daily Show clip.

I'd no idea Cedric The Entertainer was such a 'phobe.