Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Hey! There's that guy from that Daily Show segment!"

I'm sure that's the greeting I'd hear on the streets, if I ever were to leave the house. Because among all the supporters and protesters at last Thursday's vote, there was also Wyatt Cenac, a correspondent for The Daily Show. And in between the interviews where Cenac gives the protesters enough rope to hang themselves, there's a shot of me and my friends Sharon and Andrew, standing in line waiting to get into the State House. Our appearance is at 3:18 in the vid: Sharon and Andrew are on the right side of the screen, holding up their signs for the camera. I'm next to them, in the tan coat and black hat, oblivious.

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As aired on standard TVs, Andrew was cut out of the shot. He was an HD bonus, most likely because he can only be truly appreciated in hi-def.



Sharon GR said...

Thanks, Rob.

I just wish it had all turned out differently.

Andrew said...

What a way to end that segment - the woman talking about overcoming discrimination because of race and gender - "with no sensce of irony." Couldn't have said it better.

Greg! said...

What's really frightening is that one guy who's twigged to the plan of misdirection that we've so carefully constructed over the past 3,000 years in cooperation with Satan's Jews. If our Hasidim's cover is blown, all hope is lost.