Friday, April 23, 2010

Kevin Comes to Riverdale

So, Archie comics are introducing a gay character to Riverdale -- a welcome addition, and one reflective of the world kids are growing up in, as the hang-ups of previous generations get cast aside. From all indications, there's no drama that the new kid (Kevin) is gay -- he just is. So Bravo, Archie. Between this, the very fun Jughead #200, and what's probably my favorite Archie cover ever, you're having a hell of a year.

Naturally, though, the usual suspects bitch and moan about how they don't want their Archie comics "sexualized" -- which is a riot, because a) Kevin's dates won't go any farther than shakes at the Chok'lit Shoppe, same as Archie's/Betty's/Ronnie's, and b) if dating = sex, Archie is the gettin'-it-on-est guy in America. (But it doesn't. These are innocent, fun comics about teens, for preteens. Despite this.)

Here's the way these conversations go: after the announcement is made, some people praise the move, then some other folks complain/say they're dropping the books/etc., and eventually say that this is because the Bible tells them to think this way. Then other people call them on that, saying they're intolerant, or bigots, or whatever. And then someone says this -- "Seems like the angriest, and most hateful comments always seem to come from the ‘tolerant’ crowd.” Someone says this pretty much whenever they're called on their bigotry. What bigots want the most is for people to be tolerant of them.

But the conversation at the Beat yielded this comment from Jason A. Quest -- the most succinct and eloquent rebuttal to this false equivalence I've ever read. Take it away, Jason:

That’s because we aren’t tolerant of just anything. We’re tolerant of things that aren’t really that big a deal. People who try to poison children with the idea that it’s evil to be in love with someone… that’s a big deal. And yeah: I hate it when you do that.
Amen, Jason. There are some things that are intolerable.



grux said...

What about the intolerance of gays towards anyone who is not. They can be proud of being gay ,yet others who are not gay are not allowed to be proud of their beliefs ? Gays are the most intolerant people I have ever met. They are social terrorists who have left a path of destruction in their wake with no concern for anybody except getting What they want. News flash, the rest of us have rights also.

Rob S. said...

How, exactly, are gays impinging on your rights? Your right to free speech hasn't been abridged, obviously, or you wouldn't be sounding off here. Are gays keeping you from getting married? Serving in the military? Are they unlawfully searching and seizing you, or quartering soldiers in your house?

I don't know, man: I'm not gay, and there are plenty of gay folks that tolerate me. Some even like me. Maybe you're just an asshole.

Dave said...

Fabulous Social Terrorists! the nerve of them, beautifying their homes and neighborhoods... not adding to overpopulation... contributing disposable income to the economy...

Rob S. said...

So much better than those anti-social terrorists, don'cha think?