Thursday, April 01, 2010

Particle Fiction

A few days ago, my online pal David Wynne debuted his new comic, Particle Fiction, online. Well. it's available both online and as a printed comic -- and if you decide you'd like a copy (or one of his other books) and order before April 4th, he'll throw in a free sketch. Which is a damn good deal, because his art is terrific.

But regardless, this is a cool done-in-one story, with a beginning, middle and an end, and you can download it as a pdf or read it online in your browser.

So go! Enjoy!

(And next week, Ami will have a podcast interview with him!)


Rob S. said...

No idea why the spammers have decided to target this post. But that last one is bizarre.

T. Rama said...

I think that i liked your pal's work in the comic. Congratulate him for the hard work he has put in.

Rob S. said...

Again, spammers keep commenting on this. Since T. Rama actually commented on the comic (despite his username linking to a pharma ad) I'm leaving it up. But I've deleted like half a dozen others now. Your best bet is not to clock on any usernames for this post.