Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's the First Day of the End of My Life

...and considering I'm not done living it yet, that's problematic.

So, in honor of my 41st birthday last week, I've begun a "42 by 42" plan -- that is, I'm going to try to lose 42 pounds by the time I turn 42, approximately 360 days from now. Because while I'm not sick, I'm sure not living healthy. And I'd like to make the end of my life last for a long time, culminating in a brief, hilarious fall off a cliff into a tank of robot piranha, which will have been invented (and perfected) by then.

Essentially, I'll be doing a modified Weight Watchers plan (hereafter referred to as "my cult"), with a few other limits I'm imposing on myself, such as the number of times I can eat beef and pork in a give week (I'm thinking two each), and my intention to have at least one vegetarian dinner a week... without using pizza as a crutch too often, since that defeats the purpose.

I weighted in last night at 237.2 pounds (with clothes and all, but damn!), so it means I need to hit 195.2 pounds by October next.

Luckily, I just ate a delicious bowl of seaweed, so I think I'm ready.



Travis said...

Good luck, Rob!

Feargal said...

Good luck Dude.

As an evangelist for the things, I have to say

"Get on yer Bike!"

Rob S. said...

That's what Kathy does, all the time. She's great with it. I enjoy it, but always feel a little ridiculous on it, like an upside-down pyramid.

Feargal said...

An upside down pyramid? Do you ride a tiny bike while wearing a huge mortar board on your head?

Anonymous said...

Honey, if the helmet doesn't make you feel ridiculous, you're better than me. Putting it on is always the last thing I do before getting on the bike. 'Cause the tights are WAY less embarrassing.

Mrs. Rob S.

Rob S. said...

Yeah, the helmet doesn't make me feel so ridiculous. Maybe because I read so many comics with people in helmets & spandex & stuff. It's the feeling like I'm a giant circus bear on a tiny little tricycle that makes me feel silly.

Youe helmet is adorable.