Friday, January 07, 2011

Tweets from the O-Zone

The Television Critics Association press tour is going on this week and next, and one of the events was a presentation by Oprah Winfrey about her OWN network. During her press conference, a reporter asked her a question about her dreams as a child, and she used it as a launching point for what is apparently an unprecedented filibuster in TCA history.

Critic Alan Sepinwall provides some background on the event (and a complete transcript of the filibuster), but the real gold is this snarky collection of tweets from the assembled critics. Start at the bottom and read up to the top. As critic Alexa Planje put it: "Adult class clowns vs. the world's richest 'teacher.'" Good stuff.



Anonymous said...

My favorite tweet:
"ShawnRyanTV Shawn Ryan
Can someone give me an official time for Oprah's monologue at#TCA? I need to know what I'm looking to beat next Tuesday."

Mrs. Rob

Rob S. said...

I think my favorite is:

BastardMachine (Tim Goodman): I will give any critic $100 tonight at the party if they ask Oprah about her dreams again.