Monday, August 14, 2006

Fest on Google Earth!

This is where I'll be.

The southern part of the field is the campsite. The northeastern part is parking, and the northwestern part is the performing area. You can see the Main stage (the big white box near the trees), the Craft stage (to its right) the Tank stage (to its left) and the Camp stage (the white box just beyond that thick grove of trees). By Thursday, it'll be a sea of blue tarps.



Janet said...

Hey Rob,

I'm glad you want to participate in TITMT. I don't see a link to your answer though. The way it works is you answer the question I posted on my blog on here, linking back to me. Then you post your answer in my comments or just a comment that says, it's up...come take a look.

I hope I explained it well enough!:)

Rob S. said...

Ah -- I get it now. My post is forthcoming.

Greg! said...

It looks so tiny.
We're like little ants...