Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kiss Kiss

KTBuffy just recommended the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on her blog, and I've got to second that. (Click the link to her place to see a preview.) It's a terrific movie, well-versed in the film noir tradition, tweaking it (and movies in general) in enough ways to be really, really funny.

Watching the commentary track, gills-full of whiskey, I noticed something. When you can't hear him talk, just watching his face, it's almost eerie how much Robert Downey Jr. looks like a young Alan Arkin. Seriously. Watch Catch-22 and then watch this. It's friggin' uncanny. (Or it's friggin' Bushmills.)

One way or another, you won't be sorry you rented this puppy. Enjoy.



Sharon GR said...

I just requested it from the library, where I'm something like 40th in line.

Rob S. said...

It'll be worth the wait.

Chris A. said...

Agreed. I was really sorry Warner Bros. didn't give this much of a release; I realize this wasn't going to make Dukes of Hazzard money, but still.

"And to all you good people in the Midwest, sorry we said 'fuck' so much."

Sharon GR said...

I remember hearing something about Downey Jr., that his recurring drug problems make him an expensive risk for movies and insurance companies don't want him in the cast of movies they insure.

But he almost always turns in a remarkable performance, so they continue to foot the bill. Haven't seen Scanner Darkly yet, but it'll get my bucks when I can secure a babysitter.