Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Letter to Dunkin Donuts

Skippy's right: It's time to fight fire with fire.

Here's what I wrote. I didn't feel the need to summarize the whole brouhaha, and got right to the heart of the matter:

Just a quick note to let you know that I won't be buying any Dunkin Donuts coffee or doughnuts until your company publicly apologizes for knuckling under to ridiculous pressure from Michele Malkin, implying that all Arabs who wear a kaffeyeh (all Arabs, really, is Malkin's point) are terrorists or endorse terrorism. Pulling the Rachel Ray ad due to Malkin's stink was the worst kind of cowardly, and stupid and offensive besides. Malkin exists to drive wedges between people; by playing into her hands, your company has implicitly agreed that Arabs should rightly be suspected of terrorism.

I know in my heart that's not what you meant to do; you simply meant to avoid controversy. But sometimes controversy seeks you out, and a publicity hound like Malkin is always willing to target an innocent company for her own ends. I'm sure you'll get many letters like this one, so at this point, there's no avoiding the controversy. The only question is, which side of it are you on? Do you side with Malkin and her fear-mongering, or are you willing to stand up against the fear and distrust she engenders?


Rob Staeger

P.S. I haven't seen the powdered vanilla creme-filled doughnuts in my local store for a while. Have they been discontinued? If you do apologize for this misstep, could you bring them back?

If you want to write to Dunkin Donuts, here's their contact form.



skippy said...

good job, rob!

Jeri said...

They've taken away the powdered vanilla-cream-filled doughnuts!!?? Now I know they're in league with terrorists. Those doughnuts are a force of good in this world.

Thanks for the contact info. Helps lazy people like me make a difference.

Brian "Arrr" Tarnoff said...

Of course they're wrong, it's not all A-rabs who are terrorists, it's all Muslims, or wait, it's anyone with a towel-like headdress, like those Sikh's, or anyone with Star Wars type princess hair, like Leia or Amidala.

I've always been an Entenmann's cakey type donut guy, I've never liked Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme stylee, and now you've provided me with a good political reason why! (we all know what the Krispy Kreme Kokonut donut is code for!). Of course, I don't know of the corporate sins of the owner's of Entenmann's, but that doesn't stop me pining for them transatlantically. British fairground donuts are nice in cinnamon sugar, but are more akin to funnel cake in their deep fried batter greasiness.

Kevin Huxford said...

Ever get any response (form letter or otherwise) on this, Rob?

Rob S. said...

I did, Kevin. Thanks for prompting me to write about it.

Anonymous said...

Vanilla Kreme spotting today! Today I saw (and consumed) the first DD Vanilla Kreme donut that I have seen since at least 2010 in NYC.