Monday, July 28, 2008

Quote of the Day

It's been a while since Garth Ennis impressed me this much, but this is a line from last week's Dan Dare #7. The character, Britain's Home Secretary, is talking about England.. and a futuristic England at that. But her words certainly resonate beyond the outer-space war story Ennis and Gary Erskine are telling:

"God knows we've enough in our history to be ashamed of, but it doesn't matter if you lie about it like the Right, or wallow in the guilt of it like the Left: Eventually you make the past a place that people can't be bothered with.

And then the nation's heart rots out, because the good we've done evaporates along with the bad."
Plus: Big spaceship battles, and electrified swords.



Greg! said...


Looks like maybe I ought to be reading Dan Dare.

And, yeah, that's the best Garth in a while.

Rob S. said...

It's pretty cool. Much more traditional than I expect from Ennis.

The first half of the story has been collected in a HC British-style album. I expect the second half will be, soon, too.

It might be worth waiting for the whole magilla collected in a trade, IMO. Or just borrow them from me.

George said...

In the Hitman/JLA miniseries that came out a few weeks ago, Garth Ennis had a similar speech, where Hitman explains why he's the one who has to kill the alien-infested humans because the heroes couldn't do that. Just like in the cited passage, Garth Ennis can come up with one statement that immediately captures the essence of the hero (yeah, I'd contend that Hitman is a hero...)and of the story. That's why I buy anything he writes off the stands, no questions asked. He's up there with Gaiman, Moore, Millar and (Grant) Morrison...