Friday, November 28, 2008

Cool Turkey

I read the mail today -- oh, boy! -- and discovered that the money I'll get from unemployment will be somewhat (heck, significantly) less than I'd thought it would be. Which made me look at my already cut-down comics spending, and think: Are you crazy? You can't buy all this!

So instead of thinking about what titles I'd drop, I dropped them all cold turkey, and then added a couple books (not series...individual issues) here and there... until this almost-ended story or that one runs its course. Two more issues of JSA. One more of Flash. Two more of Legion. The last three issues of Final Crisis. And one or two more...

And then that'll be it. No more comics until I get a new job or a fairly dependable stream of freelance work.

I've got plenty of things to reread. And there are some trade paperbacks on my shelf that I've yet to get around to. But man... Wednesdays are not going to be the same.



melissa joy said...

does the library have comics? (i know that's lame.)

get my e mail via the website, i also loan you books.

Howard Bagby said...

I know how that is. It has happened to me several times. Good luck on the job search.

Rob S. said...

Oh, it's not lame at all, Melissa -- it's just delayed a bit. They'll get copies of trade paperback versions of some of the comics I collect, but it'll be at least six months before the ones I'm passing up now are collected. But it's definitely something I'll look into (both at our local library, which doesn't seem to connected to a wider system, and the NY Metropolitan Library, which has an *enormous* collection, of course).

And thanks for the offer -- I had no idea you collected comics!

Thanks to you too, Howard. I know you've been here, too, and it's a great reminder that these situations *do* come to an end.

I gots mad skillz! I just need someone to pay me to use 'em!

Geoff said...

I'm a comic collector too, but more of a Marvel man. That said, I'm happy to lend if you're interested! Our mutual friend Sharon should have my contact info via facebook.

Going without comics completely just isn't an option!

Rob S. said...

Thanks, man. I have to admit, I've been trying not to read any of the hype surrounding Dark Reign simply because I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on it. But you can bet I won't be missing the last issue of Secret Invasion. Times are tight, but I can spare 4 bucks for the last part of an 8-part story.

That said... you don't happen to collect Captain America, do you? That Brubaker can write a helluva book.

Geoff said...

Sorry, I'm more of an X-Men guy. (My true love, Young Avengers, is seen so rarely as to seem but a fantasy.)

The only things I buy regularly are a few mutant books, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and Buffy season 8. Of course, I do have a bunch of GNs and that DVD of 40 Years of X-Men if you need a copy to tide you over 'til the storm passes.

Greg! said...

The crunch is less arrestingly sudden than yours, but I've been avoiding the fact that I need to drop back myself for several months now. The wait-for-the-arc-to-wrap-up approach hasn't worked, because I need to tell the guys at Showcase Comics that I'm going to be dropping a book from my pull list. (Granted, most of the books I'll be dropping aren't going to create a huge impact if they suddenly find themselves with an extra copy on the shelf.)

Even without the monetary considerations, I keep thinking that I ought to stop getting new things -- comics, CDs, books, DVDs -- until I've read/watched/listened to everything that I already have. (e.g.-- I have a CD from this past Fest that I've not yet listened to. I played it, once, but I have yet to really listen to it.) I know it's not something I realistically could -- or, indeed, ought to -- do in strict totality, but I do feel a little guilty when I add something to the pile of stuff-to-read, a pile that never seems to shrink.

Rob S. said...

It's funny -- Netflix has almost totally cured me of my DVD-buying ways. I have access to a huge library of videos, whenever I want one -- it feels more like borrowing than renting, in a way.