Monday, December 15, 2008

Injury? Meet Insult!

You know what's nice about being laid off over the holidays? At least you have time to spend over the holidays.

Unless, that is, the fuckers at the unemployment office send you a letter for a MANDATORY two-hour meeting in New York City on the day one of your families is actually celebrating Christmas.

There is no fucking upside.

(Oh, and the letter? On Grinch-colored paper.)


Greg! said...

Unemployed, and you still have to go to meetings.
Like a little peek at Hell, ain't it?

Rob S. said...

As my friend the Bastard says: Could any Hell be more Real or more Now?

Jeff said...

Wow, sorry, Rob.

Rob S. said...

Ah, it might not be that bad. I'll try to change the date tomorrow when I can call the office.

It's just frustrating -- I've seen people have to miss holidays because they had to work, and that sucks, but sometimes things need to be done. But to have to miss it because I *don't* have work--for a meeting that seems completely arbitrary--is an unnecessary kick in the face.

bastard central said...

make no mistake sir.

it is always this real and this now

Bill D. said...

Wow. I'm really sorry to hear about that. I hope you find something soon.

Sharon GR said...

Didja get the date changed? Good luck.