Friday, December 05, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

tYesterday, I spent the afternoon in Barnes and Noble, looking at magazines and researching which ones I should query and thinking about the sort of stories they'd need. And I drank two jumbo ("venti," in coffee parlance) cups of coffee.

This isn't terribly unusual for me. I drink a lot of coffee when I'm at work.

Except I'm not at work anymore. And in the month I've been cooling my heels, I've totally lost my tolerance for the type of caffeine coffee puts in me. I've been drinking lots and lots of tea, but only a cup of coffee here and there.

Until yesterday.

I spent some time defragging our computer last night, and getting rid of some files here and there. It was 4:30 a.m.

I finally left the computer to do its business and went to bed. And rolled over. And stayed put. And rolled over again. And just lay there as Kathy slept beside me and I. just. couldn't. stop.

I know it's out of my system by now, but I can still feel the hum of my ribcage vibrating.



Jeff said...

May I never lose that tolerance! said...

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rrlane said...

Jeez, I don't get that way until well after my second POT.

Travis said...

You should have had one beer. One beer puts me out

Howard Bagby said...

You can have the coffee. I get my caffeine from Diet Coke.

Jeff said...

Am I the only one who drinks Red Bull, coffee, and Diet Pepsi every day?

Rob S. said...

Used to be, I could drink coffee after coffee with no effect. My tolerance has plummeted in only a month.

Red Bbull, coffee and Diet Pepsi, Jeff? In the same mug?

Travis said...

I get my caffeine from sodas. I have had Red Bull one time NOT mixed with alcohol.

Sharon GR said...

I found an old blog post I did a couple years back about trying to kick the caffeine habit.


I'm up to three or four cups of coffee a day. Used to be, I was mostly a tea drinker, but we got a nifty new coffee maker at work, so more coffee there- then Andrew started working from home more, so we'd make a pot of coffee on days he's home.

The slippery slope leads down, down, down.

tim m said...

I'm reminded of the New Radio episode where Dave Foley agrees to give up coffee if Phil Hartman gives up smoking. When asked how much coffee he drinks a day, Dave Foley responds, "Oh, four or five ... pots."

Jeff said...

Well, yeah, sometimes. I've never consumed Red Bull from anything other than the can. I'd prefer to never know what it actually looks like.

Rob S. said...

Had a few cups again tonight. And yes, it's 3:30 now.