Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let's Play Balderdash!

What the hell... I feel like amassing a bunch of comments. So why not click to post a comment, see what the verification word is, and define it? It's not like you're going to get any work done today.

I don't see wordverf on my blog, but I had to type "discrea" to post my most recent comment on Sharon's blog.

Discrea: An inflammation of the lumbar region most often found in ex-breakdancers.



melissa joy said...

it's not showing a word.

Rob S. said...

Okay, I'm an idiot. I had it turned off, and never noticed because when I'm signed in, I don't have to wordverf anyway. So as a special service for this game, I'm making posting less convenient for a couple of days. Enjoy!

Jundi: a spicy drink popular in India, often served in an elephant-shaped cup.

Sharon GR said...


My confirmation word is bodiond.

Bodiond: a special type of glue, sold only in drugstores, used to hold stubborn dentures in place. Example: "I wish Grandma had bought Bodiond, then we wouldn't have found her teeth in the champagne punch."