Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brew Zoo Review

Last weekend, Kathy & I joined some friends at the Philadelphia Zoo for its Summer Ale Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like: A chance to visit the zoo, checking out all the cool animals with a beer in your hand.

Which is exactly what we did. We saw spider monkeys, fruit bats, voles, naked mole rats, lemurs, tigers, a bashful rhino (either that or he was reenacting the final moments of The Blair Witch Project) and a whole bunch of other creatures, while we contentedly sipped samples from the Yards, Triumph, River Horse, Sly Fox and Victory breweries, among others.

We had a great time, enjoying the scenery and the creatures in it, and even being treated to the sight of a 16-foot-long king cobra that had shed it's skin just a half-hour prior.

And afterward, we headed out to Monk's Cafe, where Sharon and I shared some amazingly delicious Thai curry mussels and we all had another beer. All in all, simply a great night.

There was only on thing it was missing -- one thing that no trip to the zoo should be without. So, without further ado, I present it here:



ktbuffy said...

The Denver Zoo does a Brew at the Zoo night as well -- it's the reason I got a membership! And Colorado has like a bazillion local brews, so there's always something new to try.

Dave said...

wow, nice! whenever i'm drinking in the PHL area & there's Yards, i'm in for several pints.

Sharon GR said...

It was an awesome time.

My guess is the tortises had all their fun during the day- why bother going at it in front of drunk people, when you have a busload of second graders there during the day?

(I swear those tortises never take a day off. Not since I was there on a bus trip in the second grade.)

Greg! said...

After your HAIR post, I found myself setting that list of animals to the tune of "Colored Spade." Sort of.

We saw
spider monkeys, fruit bats,
voles and naked mole rats,
lemurs, tigers, a bashful rhino,
a sixteen-foot king cobra,
a bunch of other creatures,

but we were deprived of
the sight of turtle love,
yeah, we were deprived of
the sight of tortise love.

When you show us animals, you better serve us --
beer from Triumph, Victory,
River Horse and Sly Fox,
Yards and other breweries.

No elephants -- gone away.
They gave their elephants away.

And we were deprived of
the sight of turtle love,
yeah, we were deprived of
the sight of tortise love.

Oh, yeah.

Rob S. said...

I meant to post before, Greg -- your power of parody is terrifying and catchy!

Figserello said...

Beer and monkeys all in the one night?

That's like, Heaven.

I could have done without the copulating turtles though.

What was going on in the back of his tongue? Yeeeaugh!