Friday, July 24, 2009

No Cape, No Tights, No Wonder Bra

Not a single luxury...

Y'know, some of my favorite comic book movies aren't superhero stories. Very, very few superhero movies live up to what can be done in the comic. Special effects are amazing, but too much of them (which is often required to make the powers work) can sap the emotional life from a story. The producers paid a lot for those FX, so they better get some serious screen time, capice?

So although I love The Dark Knight and Iron Man (and really liked Spider-Man 2 and Hellboy), it isn't the upcoming Green Lantern movie that has me stoked. No, my love for comics movies veers into more mainstream territory, like American Splendor and Road to Perdition. (Heck, even Men in Black, which is one of the finest comics-based comedies ever -- though I enjoy it enough not to want to ever see the sequel.)

So, although these two films will undoubtedly be more action-based crowd-pleasers than more introspective fare like Ghost World, it's these films that will have me heading to the multiplex like Pavlov's Fanboy.

Although with Megan Fox involved in Hex, I might have to take back what I said about the Wonder Bra.



bastard central said...

the losers was SOOOO goddam good up until the ridiculous hollywood ending that'll no doubt get it panned by critics but make us love it like a transformers movie.

i hope michael bay isn't attached to direct.

Rob S. said...

Man, Idris Elba as Roque is gonna burn up the house.

Jeff said...

I didn't realize they were even making a Losers movie! Woohooo!

I am really looking forward to the Jonah Hex movie, even if I hate that horrid logo on the movie poster.

Rob S. said...

Yeah, that *is* a crappy logo, innit?

Rob S. said...

Oh, and Bastard, I haven't checked on this so I could be wrong, but I think I remember hearing Peter Berg is the director.

I'm hopeful for it, though I *hated* the other Berg movie I've seen, Very Bad Things. But what gives me hope is how brave and iconoclastic that movie was, even if it wasn't to my taste (and maybe I should give it another chance, now that I'm prepared for how repulsive the plot and characters would be). The one thing you can say for VBT is that it wasn't afraid to let its characters be absolutely unlikeable.

(And actually, it provided me with a cinema moment that has not yet faded for me, some 10 or so years later: Cameron Diaz as a furious bride, clubbing someone mercilessly with a heavy wooden coat rack, shouting "No one is going to ruin My! Special! DAY!")

Yeah, maybe it *is* time for me to see it again.

bastard central said...

i have not seen that film but the bastard will take a look. i'm currently starring in my own o henry story

Travis said...

The Losers movie, makes me laugh, because the reason i dropped it in the first place is that it reminded me of a summer action movie. Style and explosions over substance, and stereotypical action movie characters.

Megan Fox in a Jonah Hex movie? As long as she doesn't have any lines she will do fine.