Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesdays Just Got a Little More Special

It's Wednesday! New Comic Day! Even better than that, today is the first day of DC's Wednesday Comics.

Wednesday Comics is a 16-page comics anthology in which top creators (we're talking Gaiman, Kubert, Baker, Azzarello, Bermejo, Busiek, Allred, Garcia-Lopez and more*) bring us one huge page of comics a week. The book unfolds not once, but twice, providing huge pages of art for each story to sprawl over. It's a very different reading experience than a regular comic.

The format is supposed to evoke the old Sunday comics pages. Not the ones I read when I was a kid, with three or four strips on each page, but the ones around when my dad was a kid -- full page color installments of full-color adventure strips, each one ending in a cliffhanger, selling next Sunday's paper.

And man, is it fun. I haven't read them all yet, but those I've read (yes, I've skipped around) assure me that every page is a new delight. This is good, good stuff.

So take a gander (ha!) at Kyle Baker's Hawkman. And then think about heading to your local comic shop and picking up the first issue of Wednesday Comics... and watch the stories unfold.

*I kept on adding names. I couldn't stop!


Jeff said...

Mine is in the other room. Between that and Jeff Lemire's "The Nobody", this was a geek-gasm day for me. I haven't read either yet, but still--guaranteed goodness.

Travis said...

This is one I am really interested in, but have decided to tradewait it. I just couldn't justify it in my budget. A weekly 4 dollar comic just isn't doable for me. That is something I can definitely wait for.

Travis said...

Man, could my sentences above have been any more clipped and succinct? It looks like I was typing out someone's telegram instead of actually writing out my own thoughts.