Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Facts About Your Humble Host

Because I need a blog post, and because I’ve been tagged by everyone on this (seriously: someone tagged me as I was writing this), I feel less like surfing and more like doing something, even if it is just typing, here are 25 random things about me.

1) I used to have a rubber mouse that I named “Jeeves.” I took him everywhere for about a year.
2) Man, do I like running my fingers between my toes.
3) Once upon a time, I was better at math than I was at English. Those days are long gone.
4) I love logic puzzles. I’ve even written one, and had it published in a national magazine.
5) I interviewed Penn & Teller. Over the telephone. Even Teller.
6) I also interviewed Neil Gaiman.
7) I periodically remember some of the really cool people I’ve met through the course of one job or another, and then the memory vanishes again. It’s like meeting a whole new me, whenever I do this.
8) I have seen Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I more than any other movie. No other one even comes close.
9) My favorite Coen Brothers movie? Miller’s Crossing.
10) I used to have a big, ugly scar on my elbow, from a skateboarding crackup. In the nearly 30 years since, either the scar has gotten smaller or my elbow as a whole has gotten a lot uglier.
11) I’ve written one full-length play, and a number of short plays. I should do more of that.
12) I’ve got a secret.
13) I make the best jambalaya I’ve ever tasted.
14) My mom makes the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted.
15) I proposed to my wife, Kathy, in Kinsale, Ireland. Not a moment afterward, a dog was struck by a car. Hilarity ensued.
16) My favorite superhero is the Flash, but I hate to run.
17) We have a waffle iron that looks like Sylvester the cat, but makes waffles that look like Tweety Bird.
18) For some reason, I don’t get the kind of headaches that someone who consumes as much caffeine as I do ought to get.
19) I’ve been going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival since 1996. Thirteen years and counting!
20) Out of all the talents I’m envious of, more than anything I wish I could carry a tune.
21) The Lord of the Rings is fine, but give me Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain any day of the week.
22) Whenever one of our ferrets so much as hiccups, I worry all night.
23) Homicide: Life on the Street is still my favorite TV show. But Arrested Development comes damn close.
24) Clever gets you pretty damn far with me.
25) Despite #20, I am constantly singing when I’m alone, or with my wife. She loves me anyway.

That’s 25. I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet has participated in this little slice of meme heaven already, but if you haven't, feel free to leave a link to your blog entry in the comments, or post it on Facebook, where I'll also likely see it. Or hell, just post all 25 in my comments section.


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Travis said...

I am with ya on Homicide, Rob. I was also delighted when I was able to buy the Arrested Development series on DVD for less than 30 bucks last year.