Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a Man Whose Circumstances Went Beyond His Control

Okay, ever since I posted my #12 fact ("I've got a secret."), I haven't been able to get Styx's "Mr. Roboto" out of my head. And the weird thing is, when I sing along to it (as I do when I'm alone, see fact #25), certain lyrics come out all gravelly. I sing, "I'm not a hero; I'm not the savior! Forget what you know!" and by the time I get to "forget what you know," I sound more like Neil Diamond singing "America." Then again, I think there's a certain kinship between the two singers. They have a similar kind of showmanship.



bastard central said...

do you really want this?



i'm just burnin'

doin' the neutron dance

you're welcome

Rob S. said...

Don't DO THAT!

bastard central said...

the bastard hasn't gotten his "evil" on today

Rob S. said...

I find that hard to believe.

bastard central said...



i've been in meetings all day.

no time for evil