Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long Overdue Venting

Man, what a crap day yesterday was.

And I can’t say I responded to it heroically, either.

The day started with an e-mail from someone I’d sent a resume and clips, thanking me for them, but saying they’d already chosen a team of writers. They’d put my information on file.

Thing was, they’d posted the freelancer wanted ad that Saturday. And they already had the gig filled by the time I sent things in on Monday morning?

It was a ghost ad. Something that, for reasons either legal or bureaucratic, they had to post, even though they knew perfectly well who they’d hire. Later on that day, I called to follow up with another place I’d applied the week before, for a job (juvenile nonfiction editor) that it was no big stretch to see I’d be qualified for. The job was filled, and seems to have been since last week. Probably was before the ad was posted.

Yes, I’m bitching.

No, there’s nothing I can do about it, except respond to lie after lie as they hit the internet, getting my hopes up for a job—hell, an interview!—despite this economy that’s been grinding me under its heel.

Yes, I’m bitter.

I’m a good editor. I’m a better writer. And I can’t get work because some bankers lent money to people who couldn’t pay for their houses, and some other financial wizards stole billions from investors, and the car companies can’t seem to make a product that anyone wants to buy. Because everyone else is either inept or corrupt, naturally that means I should lose my job.

I’ve sent a lot of resumes into the void. Some of them I got my hopes up about; others were just shots in the dark. But for some reason, yesterday just broke me down.

Sometime in the afternoon, I decided to just stop. Scuttle my plans to get some more resumes out there, trying to stir up some freelance work, and just read some comic books. And by seven thirty, I couldn’t even do that. I just went to sleep, and slept all night. I finally woke up this morning so I could shovel Kathy’s car out of the driveway.

Because she, at least, has somewhere to be in the mornings.



Radiodad said...

I can tell you're in a bad mood..."Undercover Angel" on the SeeqPod??

When I first left (sorry, KICKED OUT OF) my radio job, I went looking for other openings. Almost all of them were ghost ads. It's %@#$%@ frustrating.

Rob S. said...

My guilty secret: I kinda love "Undercover Angel," cheesy as I know it is. I remember listening to a 45 of it when I was seven, dancing with some neighborhood girls. And sure, "Thunder is your night-light" doesn't make any sense -- thunder is a sound, after all -- but to a seven year old, it sounded way cooler than most of the lyrics I heard.

I think my bad mood is going away, though. I'm getting some hope back in me, doing some positive stuff. But I wanted to write this out, well... to clear it out, I guess.

I'm a pretty cheerful guy, but when I'm grouchy, I'm hell on wheels. Best to clear it out on the blog than to subject poor Kathy to it. Bad enough she gets my snoring.

Jeff said...
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Rob S. said...

Jeff wrote:


Very sorry about your situation. Was this the
[company deleted on account of possible jinxing] deal? Keep sending those resumes out as much as possible. You never know when you'll send one out at just the right time, or to just the right person.

Again, though, I'm sorry.

Thanks, Jeff. No, this wasn't that one; this was writing for a website, and who knows? Maybe they will contact me someday.

As for the other, we'll see what happens with that; I'm keeping my fingers well and truly crossed.

Sorry to cut and edit your comment, buddy -- I'm the superstitious sort about some things.

chrisready said...

Ghost ads are the worst. I remember working my heart out on a resume and cover letter for a dream job only to find out that it was filled before I even sent it in. You feel like you were used or something -- even though they couldn't care less if you applied or not, it still sucks.

Hang in there man. You will be on the better side of the street again.

Anonymous said...

I went on a "courtesy interview" last week...yeah, that was fun! (ummm..not at all!!!)

Not linking my website, because you just never know.


Greg! said...

I certainly don't know the details of whatever CYA caution compels companies to place those damnable ghost ads, but I expect it's somehow kin to the reasons behind calling someone "interim whatever" when they fill a position without ever advertising the job. I was "interim master electrician" for one or two shows after I took over the job, which I guess was also a way of keeping open their option to not give me the job if things didn't work out. But I don't think there was ever any advertisement for the position. Same thing when we changed production managers this season. That seems to me so much more civilized than what's essentially lying to anyone who responds to a ghost ad.