Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oaf of Office

Because Chief Justice Roberts bungled the first administering of the Oath, he and Obama had a do-over this evening, just to be sure.



ScottN01 said...

They only did that because the whiny Republican bitches of FOX NEWS and Chris Wallace (Is he really our President now?)kept harping on it like a bunch of kids instead of reading Amendment 20. If FOX NEWS was a valid news service that actually told the truth the fuckin' planet would spin off it's axis!

Rob S. said...

Hey, I hear ya. But I'd rather they throw the wingnuts a harmless bone like this than cave on anything substantial.

I hadn't actually seen the Fox News carping, but I read some bloggers who anticipated that they'd be doing it almost as soon as the inauguration ended.

He's the President. And not only that, he's the President because he *won*, not because he was appointed. They should move on to the acceptance phase -- this denial is getting old quick.

Don said...

Steven Pinker used that same title (Oaf of Office) in this interesting NY Times article yesterday.

Rob S. said...

I noticed last night that Olbermann used it as well.

Rob S. said...

Great article, by the way -- amen to boldly splitting infinitives!