Monday, March 23, 2009

More Exciting Citations From The World of Science!

This is the sort of thing I'm typing all day:

Rydmark, M., and Berthold, C.-H. 1983. Electron microscopic serial section analysis of nodes of Ranvier in lumbar spinal roots of the cat: A morphometric study of nodal compartments in fibres of different sizes. Journal of Neurocytology 12:537-565.

It is now all too clear to me why scientists go mad.



KBaby said...

Oh my God - that freaky ass looking crab DEFINITELY poses a threat despite what scientists may think. Look at it's beady eyes! (shudder)

Rob S. said...

Anything that walks sideways is a threat and must be eaten.

Greg! said...

But, you must admit, the fact that they walk sideways does make them much easier to run away from.

If anything were to go wrong.

Which, of course, it never would...

tim m said...

Can we get the giant crabs to retrieve the giant bonuses paid to the AIG employees?