Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rob Pokes Fun At Someone Smarter and More Accomplished Than He Is

While tooling around the Internet doing a work-related search, I found this guy's website/resume. And although he's written dozens of scientific papers and contributed to tons of studies that I--and I'm not joking here--have no doubt are making the world a better place, I am amused to no end that he's set the background of his professional accomplishments to a repeating-brain pattern. And, even better, he highlights the letters B-R-A-I-N in his name. In his defense, he's a neuroscientist--it's not just that he thinks that highly of himself and his mighty cerebellum. So those might not be *his* brains in the background. They could be anybody's.

His web page (updated as recently as 2007) looks for all the world like the old Chester the Smokin' Pig website I used to have on Geocities, which I would link to except apparently the Web ate it. But my website was centered on a cartoon pig. This is essentially his resume.



Greg! said...

I think the Web ate the entirety of Geocities, actually.
With some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Did you scroll down to the bottom of Dr. Schlaggar's page to find the link to the Celtics Hockey Club?

Oh, and the verification "word" for today was frables

Rob S. said...

Okay, now that I've seen his hockey picture, I realize he's not only smarter than me, he's *tougher* than me.


I hope he doesn't kick me in the frables.

Greg! said...

I think frables may be my new favorite curse-word.

Notify James Lipton.