Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Casting About For Castaways

I'll post something more substantial later tonight, but I want to link to MGK's excellent post about the end of Lost (and its lingering questions).

And I might as well announce my intentions to have at least one post up every day again in June. Sometimes I need a boot to the ass, y'know?

(Ted Dawson's Archie Comics version of Lost via Three Men in a Tub.)


Dave said...

Speaking of a boot in the ass, there haven't been many daily lies coming my way.

Ray Garton (no relation) has been filling that void nicely on FB, however. It's scary how similar we are outside of the last name!

Rob S. said...

You're right; I'll be getting back to the Daily Lie grind too. Thanks for the boot!

Travis said...

Haha, I read that as "Ted Danson's Archie Comics..."