Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey! Where'd Everybody Go?

This is cool. Well, as long as you define "cool" as "an interesting way to present data," which is how we roll, here at Laughing at the Pieces. Forbes magazine has set up a site where you can click on any county in the U.S. (Here's one for Delaware County, Pa., where I grew up; the screencap of Orange County, Calif., below, is from Kevin Drum's post on it, because he's a pro blogger with at least a modicum of technical skill, and I, apparently, am a ten-thumbed chump incapable of grabbing a simple jpeg), and see the inward and outward migration from the county, based on IRS data. (The data doesn't list moves of less than 10 people, so not every move is represented.)

Anyway, click on over to Forbes's site to see where your neighbors have gone, and where the new ones have come from. And ponder what brought nearly 100 people from Delco to Northeast Texas in 2008. Did a business transfer operations there, or did everyone just get a sudden hankering for barbecue?



Travis said...

Well I knew a ton of people were coming to my county, its almost like looking at a black hole.

Jeff said...

This is fascinating. Very interesting stuff, Rob. It makes a lot of sense when you click on various counties in Indiana.

tim m said...

I think one of those counties in northeastern Texas where lots of DelCo people went contains Dallas.