Friday, June 25, 2010


I spent a week without updating Twitter, or, really, this blog. So I just took five minutes and recapped the week on Twitter, and I see a second bird over here that I think I can nail with the same stone. THWAK!

  • This is the week where I start regretting my car's AC is broken.
  • Sea Bear vs. Grizzly Shark? I gotta go with Grizzly Shark.
  • Who knew sake could freeze? 
  • Five guys fires don't need ketchup, vinegar or anything. They are inherently perfect. 
  • The problem with the cliffhanger to Legion #2 is that it's the same cliffhanger as Legion #1. 
  • Flash 2 had the same problem. 
  • Damn, this is the best barbecued chicken I've ever made.

And, of course: 



Travis said...

Ah, sake. Satan's rubbing alcohol.

Rob S. said...


Actually, this is lychee sake, which is so sweet and floral and downright gooood.