Monday, July 18, 2005

Okay, spill. Was it one of you regulars?

I just looked up my site stats, and I noticed one word, googled twice to find me.

The word?


Now, I just Googled it too, and as far as I can tell, it's only other use is someone's screen name -- and maybe a defunct gamer ID. Could be the same guy, for all I know.

Have I started a meme? Or did one of you guys forget my url and figure the n-word was the quickest way to get here?

By the way, someone else was looking for a definition of schoolmarmism (via several sources) and came here. And, naturally, "underage thai" is still gets the perv vote. Also "amputee models." Got no idea what that's about. Sheesh.



Sharon GR said...

Not me. Sorry.

Jeri said...

Me neither. Swear.

Rob S. said...

Pinky swear?

Jeri said...

Pinky swear. Oh, and I'd like to announce that according to BlogPatrol and Google, I am now the #1 source for "Green Bay Wisconsin something that's like chuckie cheese but isn't".

[takes a bow]