Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can't.... look... away...

In the comments below, Chris expressed an interest in getting "fair and balanced" with the Kilroy controversy, and letting Dr. Righteous have his due. The video for Styx's "Heavy Metal Poisoning" is a bit more lively than the "Mr. Roboto" video, but no less creepy. As I was seeing Dr. Righteous lurk over that poor kid, I couldn't help but think of Mark Foley.

Which made what came next all the more horrible.

So here it is, another reason to pluck out your eyes and feed them to snakes:

I warned you.



Chris A. said...

Wow. Rob, you run one full-service blog. Next up, I'd like to win the lottery!

If I were to look up "Be careful what you wish for" in the dictionary, this video would start playing. Anything to ease the pain, indeed.

Christian Ready said...

Even Pat Robertson doesn't do a softshoe dance in the middle of his shows. Oy!