Friday, October 06, 2006

Great Moments in Class Clownery

I was thirteen or fourteen, and the first congressional page sex scandal of my lifetime – the one back in 1982-83 – was still fresh in everybody’s mind. We were on a field trip with our gifted studies class – to Hawk Mountain, I think, but I could be wrong. (I do know that our teacher loved birdwatching, so fitting some biology and ecology into the curriculum in a way that would let her glass the skies was right up her alley.)

It was a lengthy bus ride, and we were high school kids, so we were loud and rowdy pretty much the whole way up. As we approached the mountain’s education center, Dr. Taylor handed out study sheets while we kept talking. Finally she said sternly to quiet us down: “For the next ten minutes, I don’t want to hear anything but the sounds of pages.”

And the guy who shouted “Oh! Oh! Mister SENATOR!” and cracked everyone up? That was me.

Hell, I made the teacher laugh at that one.



Lobbyist said...

I remember it as "page noises"; but the point is that it really happened.

I have thought about that crack every day since the Foley thing broke.

BTW- Happy Belated Birthday!

tofu-powered art-chick said...

Any more bad-boy high school stories?

Lobbyist said...

I will sell you some about him.

Rob S. said...

I've got a few more, tofu. I'll see what I can think of in the next few days.

Lobbyist, I've copyrighted those stories, so I get a cut.