Thursday, October 12, 2006

Liar's Poker

Playing Nat’s game, her Thursday Thirteen. Thirteen of these things are true. One is a lie.

1. I knew a guy in high school who worshipped Thor. No, make that two guys.
2. I’ve got an ugly scar on my elbow from a skateboarding accident.
3. I like to add a little brown mustard to the classic tuna fish/mayo recipe.
4. The Flash is my favorite superhero, but Fables is my favorite comic.
5. I’ve got a tiny hole on the palm of my right hand that I can always peel skin away from. I call it my stigmata.
6. I saw a barracuda when snorkeling a few years ago.
7. My favorite Mel Brooks film is Young Frankenstein, but I’ve seen History of the World, Part I more often.
8. I’ve owned more ferrets than any other type of pet.
9. The trunk of my car leaks like it’s telling state secrets to Bob Novak.
10. I still haven’t removed two of our house’s window air conditioning units.
11. I prefer iced tea to just about any other drink. If it’s good iced tea, that is.
12. My parents considered naming me “Dean.” Or that’s what they once told me.
13. From where I’m sitting right now I can see two animal skulls.
14. Taj Mahal’s In Progress and Motion is probably the best CD box set I own, but Richard Thompson’s Watching the Dark comes close.

Any guesses?



sally said...

#12 is the lie! Dad wanted to name you Richie Allen after the baseball player. He wanted to name one of the twins Dean, the other Dirk! Caught you!

Rob S. said...

Well, that's certainly true. But at one point (sometime in high school, I think) I remember Mom or Dad told me they'd considered "Dirk" and "Dean" for me, too. Maybe they were confused, but I distinctly remember having a jacket that I thought was more a "Dirk/Dean" jacket than a "Rob" jacket. So 12 isn't the lie, although it could be a mistake.

Rob S. said...

(In retrospect, the jacket was more "Huey Lewis" than either "Dirk" or "Dean," by the way.)

Jeri said...

11? I bet it's really lemonade.

Andrew said...

It's # 8, because you don't really own the ferrets; they own you.

-Sharon, using Andrew's computer.

Rob S. said...

Well, there's that. But again, not what I had in mind.

Lobbyist said...