Thursday, January 25, 2007

So. Big News.

It’s been announced that the magazine company I work for has been sold to a Swedish publishing/media outfit. I think it’s a good move – they really seem to want us, and our present owners never really knew what to do with us.

And that’s as far into work-related matters as I get on this blog. Except…

Our new owners have their fingers in a lot of entertainment pies. (As an aside, I dreamt about blueberry pie for the second time in two nights last night. Something must be done about this.) One of them is Tuba Records. Looking over the names of recording artists on their website includes some recognizable names, like Sleater Kinney, Eva Cassidy and Mudhoney, but then there’s some names that leapt out at Kathy and me as we scrolled through the list. Bands like:

13 & God

Chicks on Speed & the Noheads


General Patton vs. X-ecutioners


Jessica Fletchers

Made Out of Babies

Reverend Bizarre

And (my personal favorite)…

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Even better, they’ve got an mp3 radio player on their site, which includes an instrumental version of the Spider-Man theme by a band called Ugress. It’s pretty groovy, to be honest.

I think this is gonna work out just fine.


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