Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Have Been Annointed

I'd suspected this for a while, but now that MariaC has jumped into the fray, I'm pretty much certain that the McCain campaign (or an enterprising group of volunteers, but I'm banking on McCain, since Kean Troll Jill Hazelbaker is at the communications helm) has an operative commenting on my site. (Or two, I guess.) So far someone named SergeantMajor (Roadrunner ISP 24.28.189, in El Paso, Texas) has dropped a lot of pro-McCain comments and links on my "How Much Will You Pay" post, and then left. Now MariaC (same details, down to the server. Like Sarge, joined blogger in October 08) has come to his defense.

What fun!

In case you're wondering what desperation smells like... take a whiff of the McCainites. They've targeted me.



rrlane said...

Wear it like a badge of honor, buddy.

Andy said...

I just shows how wrong I was in 1992 when I told Jeff that there was no role for e-mail in campaigns. Now campaigns monitor blogs

Don said...

A quick search on some of SergeantMajor's phrases turns up the same paragraphs, verbatim, on other blogs and right-wing web sites. Definitely a cut-n-paste job.

Rob S. said...

Don, sir, you're my hero! I'd only thought of searching for the names, and come up short.

ktbuffy said...

That's an evil kind of brilliance. Nice job catching it, too.

Greg! said...

Yeah, I was inclined to think that those comments were all cut-n-paste work.

If the cut-n-paste folks had applied any discernment to their choice of pasting targets, they might have figured out that they're wasting their time here.

Of course, if we let them waste their time here they won't be spending it on people they might actually fool.